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The Artist




Rus has been sculpting since 1973, when he majored in Fine Art with an emphasis in Sculpture at Fort Hays State College.


While much of Rus's subsequent time was devoted to a career in aviation as a commercial pilot and instructor, his soul was with his art, which remained a large part of his life.


Rus has now unleashed himself into his art full time. Through his three dimensional language, he creates entrancing works in stone, marble, bronze, steel and mixed media. Rus collaborates with each raw stone as he begins, each piece evolving into a unique conflation of the artist's experiences and the history contained within the stone. To Rus the opportunity to create form that speaks of emotion, motion and time, from elements of the earth that embody the distant past and even the very origin of the planet, is too great to resist.


Focus on Kansas Limestone

Works in Marble and More . . .

Rus has worked a great deal in Kansas Limestone from his home state of Kansas, appreciating the history and fossils often discovered while sculpting, and incorporating these discoveries spontaneously into the artistic process. Rus often works solely with hand tools when crafting limestone.


Various types of marble such as Rojo Balboa, Colorado Yule, and Guatamala Verde, are also the subjects of Rus's art. New works in Honeycomb Calcite and Alabaster are also under creation, be sure to check back to view his newest work.

Selected works can currently be found at:

Art of Russia Gallery International

225 Canyon Road, #5

Santa Fe, NM 87501



Gallery inquiries invited.

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